The volume of Russian car battery aftermarket has reached 11 million units

Russian car battery aftermarket 2

According to Autostat, the total demand in the Russian car battery aftermarket has reached 11 million units in Russia in 2018.

Passenger car segment is the largest consumer of starter batteries with 71,5% share of total demand or approximately 7,9 million units. Around 1,8 million accumulator starting batteries are used for trucks, which is equivalent to one-sixth of the market in total. One in nine accumulators belongs to the LCV segment, on the other hand (1,2 million units). The smallest amount of starter batteries is used in the bus segment – 1.6% of the total demand or 174.000 units.

The capital region leads the regional rankings. Approximately 14% of the car battery aftermarket belongs to Moscow and Moscow Region. The demand for accumulators reached 860.000 units in the city of Moscow and 650.000 units in Moscow Region, on the other hand.

The capacity of the Russian car batery aftermarket has exceeded the six-figure mark in several regions. Krasnodar Krai market has gone over 400,000 units, for example. The figures in St. Petersburg, Rostov and Sverdlovsk markets, as well as Tatarstan, are also over 300,000 units.

Source: RusAutoNews.Com

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